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Smiling Danny:

Christian, Wife, Mom. I love cooking, wine tasting, budgeting, gardening, scrap-booking, couponing and finding good deals while shopping; especially FREE ones!

This Blog:

This blog will mainly be about Wine; my adventures at different wineries, my tasting notes and my pairing suggestions. I also enjoy cooking and budgeting. I enjoy cooking nutritious and delicious meals. A lot of my recipes are heavy on herbs and spices as a means to cut back on salt. I also like making my dishes from scratch (homemade) versus semi-homemade. So from time to time, I may post some recipes; especially if I have mentioned a wine to pair alongside it.

Saving money and wise spending are so important to me. Every now and then I may share tips on building your savings, shopping deals and other general financial tips. I am a fan of Dave Ramsey and have read a few of his books so I highly recommend reading Total Money Makeover and taking Financial Peace University (not sponsored or endorsed).

But all in all, this blog will be a place where you can dive into the Wonderful World of Wines.

Salud, Bon Appetit and Happy Saving!