Wine Makes Everything Better

There is this misconception that I enjoy cleaning. I guess it is because I am always cleaning my house and do my very best to keep it clean. But the truth is: I HATE CLEANING! I do, however, enjoy a clean house. Therefore, I do what it takes to keep it clean.  I could go through all of the nuances and explain what I don’t like about each task but it will just boil down to the fact that I just don’t like it. I don’t like anything about it except being done. I even more hate the fact that I have to keep cleaning it.

Anyway, one day I was watching a vlogger on YouTube do one of her “Clean with Me” episodes. Why? I guess for inspiration, I truly don’t know.  But I realized that this particular person was playing music in the background. She may have even lit a candle. Not really sure but my mind began to drift as I thought about how relaxed she looked while she cleaned. So I thought to myself: “How can I change the circumstance of my cleaning to make it more enjoyable?” Well, “I love Jazz music!, I thought. It relaxes me and puts me in a very happy space. So the next time I clean, I will play some jazz!” A day later, it occurred to me: why not pour yourself a glass of wine as well. I shared this with someone else and they got so excited that I ended up going straight home and trying it for myself. I tell you, this was the best cleaning experience I have ever had. Adding the glass of wine made it all better. I have played jazz before but usually while washing dishes and not for long because I don’t want to ruin my love for jazz by associating it with cleaning. But this time, including wine and jazz made my experience all the better. Now, I don’t sweat the small tasks nor dread the big ones.

So Smileys, if there is anything that you dread doing or thinking about, take a deep breath and think of a way to turn it into an enjoyable experience. For me it was a glass of wine. For you it can be a piece of chocolate, a cup of tea or an audio book. The list is limitless but life is too short not to enjoy it or the things you have. Praise God I have a home to clean and the ability to clean it myself. For this I am grateful.

XOXO, Smiling Danny

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