Key Traits to have in order to Reach Your Financial Goals.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of My Smileys! This past month has been a cherished time for me. I got to spend time with family and friends and am truly blessed to have had and have certain people in my life. Of course, I did not forget my Smileys and I want to end and begin the year encouraging you to press forward and don’t give up in regards to your goals.  This month, I have four traits that are essential to reaching your financial goals. However, these traits are beneficial in regards to any goal that you have set for yourself. They are:

  1. Diligence
  2. Persistence
  3. Discipline
  4. Don’t Quit (A Never Give Up Attitude)


  • Stay the course and keep working at your budget. Even if you did not successfully follow the budget that month, continue to create a budget and keep that budget at the forefront of your mind.


  • Be active and proactive about creating a budget, clipping coupons, finding sales and deals.


  • Say NO: to yourself and others. Stay away from places that cause you to unnecessarily spend your money.
  • Always have a budget: whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Set aside the necessary time that you need to create your budget.

DON’T QUIT: A Never Give Up Attitude

  • This one is my favorite because many times we get stuck or give up when we didn’t successfully follow our budget and it is easy to say: “forget it!”. But there is nothing wrong with trying again. You didn’t successfully stay within $200.00 for the groceries last month. That’s OK!!! Try again next month! Don’t throw away all of your hard work because of one shortfall.  Being successful in regards to your financial goals is going to take time, hard work and a lot of starting over again. So….


  • You will reach your goals, Just take your time, stay the course, stay disciplined and don’t give up.

Hope you find these tips helpful and encouraging. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday. Most of All, Remember JESUS is the Reason for the Season.

XOXO, Happy Saving, Smiling Danny

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