Finding Money Around the House

Hi Smileys!

I hope you all had a wonderful month of February. I sure did and am excited to share with you some ways to make a little extra money this month. I have spent the month removing unused and unwanted items from our home and ended up making a little extra money in the process. I have a rule: “If I have not used it or thought about it in the last year, it must go!” This rule applies to clothes, shoes, appliances, jewelry, handbags, etc. Normally, I just give away or donate these items. This year I have been giving away, donating and selling these items. Of course, your normal Goodwill, Women’s shelter, Men’s shelter, Homeless shelter, Pregnancy centers, Churches, family and friends are wonderful places to give. In addition to those avenues, if you are interested in making some money off your items, here are some places that I came across that will buy from you:

  1. Style Encore: buys and sells gently used, casual and business clothing for women. They also buy and sell shoes, handbags and accessories. They will pay you cash immediately.
  2. Plato’s Closet: buys and sells gently used teen and young adult style clothing and accessories. They also pay cash on the spot and have both girl and boy clothing items.
  3. Once Upon a Child: buys and sells gently used baby and kids clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear.  They will pay cash on the spot or write you a check immediately.
  4. Consignment Shops/ Pawn Shops: I have not had experience with either of these avenues but know that with consignment shops they do not pay cash on the spot but after a period of time. Rules apply differently with each shop.
  5. Yard Sale/ Garage Sale/ City-wide Garage Sale: check with your local Parks and Recreation center for more information about this and for proper licensing.
  6. Half Price Books: buys and sells books, textbooks, movies, cd’s, dvd’s, cellphones, tablets, e-readers, games and gaming consoles. They also pay cash on the spot.

Let me know if you try any of these avenues. I would love to hear your success stories!

I also would like to encourage you to browse the different tabs on this site. Each month, I will be sharing my favorite wine on the Wine tab. I have also listed different YouTube videos on the Money & Finance tab that you can view in order to learn more about budgeting and saving.

Recipe for Month: Save your Spare Change

You will need:

  • Cash
  • “Piggy Bank”, Jar or Vase
  • Coin Wrappers


  • Use whole bills for each transaction.
  • Save change in a piggy bank, jar or vase.
  • At the end of each month or quarter, sort, count and roll your change.
  • Take your rolled coins to your bank and deposit into your savings account, kid’s savings account or the college fund account.

Happy Savings,

Smiling Danny


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