Fast Food Fixes and Cutting Corners

Hi Smileys!

I hope you all had a wonderful month of January and found ways to save $$$ and cook more at home. I sure have. I noticed through the month though that there were times when I had a taste for Chinese food or Mexican food. Instead of going out to eat though, I whipped up a couple of dishes that were simple and delicious.

The first dish I made was what I call: Green Chile Enchilada Chicken. I sauteed some chicken breast tenderloins (1 lb) in olive oil. Chicken was seasoned with lemon, parsley and black pepper (You can add salt). Then I took one packet of green chile enchilada mix and poured it over the chicken. Let this simmer for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I made some black beans and I also roasted some zucchini and squash. Once the chicken was nice and simmered I plated it along with the sides. Once plated, I sprinkled some shredded cheddar on top of the chicken and black beans. Then I added pico de gallo on top of the beans as well. Very delicious! I felt like I went out to eat.

The next dish I made was Orange Chicken. From Sprout’s Grocer I bought a bag of orange chicken and heated it per package instructions. Meanwhile, I made some brown rice, simmered some frozen broccoli (seasoned with pink salt and pepper) and I baked some vegetable egg rolls. Once the chicken was done I plated my meal: brown rice, broccoli on top, then chicken on top. Deeee-licious!

So Smileys, these are a couple of recipes that you can use so that you can get that going out to eat feel without messing up too many dishes and without spending too much money. The family enjoyed both meals!

Lastly, this month I went through my grocery list and found ways that I could save money on my purchase. Of course you know that I enjoy using coupons. I also found that I can save money by brewing a pot of tea versus buying a gallon. Another thing I found was that I could buy my salad leaves and chop it myself versus buying it in the bags. Warehouse stores such as Sam’s and Costco also have their salad at a good price. Buying value packs of cheese and fruit (apples and oranges) saved money and lastly, buying frozen mixed berries versus fresh berries was also a money saver.

I hope you find these tips helpful!


Bon Appetit and Happy Saving, Smiling Danny




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