January Challenge

Hi Smileys!

As you know, I enjoy cooking AND budgeting/saving. This year I am determined to reject that urge to order take-out and embrace the leftovers that I have in the fridge. My family doesn’t eat out often but the few times that we do, we find it to be very expensive and not always tastefully satisfying. This year I intend on doing a lot more cooking and a lot more saving. I feel weird saying that because I cook A LOT! But like I said, $30-$50 per take-out adds up and will look very nice sitting in a savings account versus leaving my fingertips.

I’ve tried the planning your meals bit but find that I don’t cook what I intended on cooking. I usually cook based off of what I have a hankering for; with the exception of breakfast/lunch. I do intend on trying that again as a means to save money but not sure how successful I will be with that. Any other suggestions?

Anyway, I’m sure you are wondering: Sooo Danny, what’s the challenge? The challenge is to cook more this year as a means to eat out less and also to save money. So, will you join me? Will you join this: “Cook more, Spend Less challenge?” I sure hope so. I would love for us to do this together; encouraging each other along the way. Your reasons for cooking more this year may be different from mine but whatever reason, we will make a great team!

Happy Cooking, Smiling Danny


I kicked off my month this month by cooking Turkey Spaghetti with a Butternut Squash Sauce. Deee-lish!

Ingredients: 1lb Ground Turkey Meat, 1/2 pkg wheat spaghetti noodles, Dave’s Gourmet Butternut Squash Sauce,  Pink Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder

Instructions: Season and Brown Meat, Cook Noodles, Simmer sauce. Combine cooked meat and sauce, season with salt and pepper. Once sauce tastes to liking, remove from heat and add cooked noodles. Let stand for 5 mins. Bon Appetit!




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