What’s for Dinner? Leftovers, Nooo… Can we have Take-out?

I know, I know. Sometimes, we get in that mood where we don’t want leftovers for dinner. Or as I like to say: Fir Dinner, hahaha :). However; leftovers, can be convenient and beneficial to your household because it saves time, money, energy, thought, debates, and can improve your health. How does it improve my health Danny? It improves your health because it forces you to stay on the diet that you have determined for yourself, that is if you are cooking the appropriate meals conducive to your diet, and you get to dictate what and how much salt, sugar, butter, etcetera that is going in your dish. And my favorite, it saves money because you aren’t paying double, sometimes triple, the price for a meal that you can cook better yourself.

So here is what happened tonight, I went to the fridge to do my mid-week: “what’s in the refrigerator that we need to eat so that it doesn’t get wasted bit?” I found some boneless ribs. Let me tell you, I WAS NOT EXCITED about having this for dinner but I wanted to end the year and start a new one with a bang, so I refused to spend grocery money on eating out. These ribs looked so bland and lifeless. I could taste my palate desiring something else… Something else like…. Ramen Noodles. RAMEN NOODLES! YES! Ramen Noodles! And No, not the fancy smancy gourmet kind but the the 25 cents, high sodium, cardiac arrest Ramen noodles. Oriental to be exact. Instead, I took those ribs, put them on the stove on low heat and began thinking of what I could do to elevate this dinner. I am watching my sugar intake and since I don’t eat much desserts I am cutting back in other areas such as carbohydrates and condiments. So I knew my go-to adding BBQ sauce wasn’t going to work because it is loaded with unnecessary sugars. So I took some raw unfiltered honey and some steak sauce and mixed those together. (1 part honey, 2 parts steak sauce) and wha-la! I had my own delicious sauce and my family truly enjoyed! I heard yums and palate tunes all throughout dinner. My heart was so filled. It was if I had been in the kitchen all day.

I also kicked this meal into a high gear by changing up my sides and by not using paper plates. Instead of the regular and routine brown rice I would normally use, tonight I did wild rice with carrots and peas. Delicious!

So now, we ate good and we have money to eat out when we like, we get to order what we want and can truly enjoy the experience and fun of eating out at a good restaurant.

So Smileys, take your leftovers to the next level by changing up the sides, sauces and/or seasonings and even by using different dishes (that you already have in your home) and surprise your family and their taste-buds with a new recipe or meal created and made by you!

Happy Eating!

Smiling Danny


This month’s recipe:

No Sugar Added BBQ Sauce:

1/8c Honey (Raw and Unflitered)

2/8c of Steak Sauce

Steak, heat on low heat until warm, serve on meat of choice

Danny’s meat of choice: Pork Ribs

Wash 12 boneless ribs, season with Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Pepper and Garlic Powder. Bake in preheated 350 degree oven until pork is no longer pink. Let meat rest.  Serve with sauce poured over meat. Enjoy.




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