Life Made Simple

I love my family! I love doing all I can for them: cooking, baking, teaching and conversing. Family is a good thing and Praise God for that blessing that He has given unto us, to enjoy them here on earth.

These past couple of months have been filled with hills and sweet calm lakes and I am Thankful for the lessons learned in both.

One thing I learned was to “Give yourself some Grace.” Yes, it is wonderful to pour into your family but that does not necessarily mean draining yourself of all you have in the process (Thank You Friend, You know who are). The other sweet nugget I was told this month was by my Loving Mother in Law, She said: “Hey, It’s okay to serve your food on paper products, Then you won’t have to wash dishes.” Oh My Goodness, what an Epiphany! I can do that! Not only can I do that, I took it to the next level: I began cooking and baking with aluminum products and the end was an easy clean-up!

So this month my advice to you is to Enjoy your Family and Friends! What a blessing they are and what precious, sweet, little time we have with them here on earth. In the meantime, we can still make and serve a delicious and nutritious meal without draining ourselves in the process.

Happy Cooking and Baking,

Smiley Danny Girl


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